Olympics viewership skewing older

Nielsen report also says more females are tuning in

The Winter Olympics may be attracting mega-ratings, but their demo profile isn't the most attractive.

The Vancouver Games are skewing disproportionately to older viewers, a Nielsen study found. Viewership among those aged 55 or older has been 82% higher than the national average.

But unlike primetime entertainment, the Olympics are sold to advertisers based on how many households tune in, not specific demos.

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Meantime, the Olympics also have drawn more female viewers than males, at 56%. That's typical of Olympic telecasts, and NBC courts female viewers by emphasizing skating events in primetime.

Winter Games ratings among minorities have been considerably lower than for other programming. Hispanic and African-American ratings are each 74% below the national average.

Also, ratings have been highest on the West Coast and lowest in the Southwest U.S.