Olympus, Bits & Pieces doctor 'Spin'


Olympus Pictures and Bits & Pieces Picture Co. have optioned the rights to produce a feature adaptation of sci-fi author Robert Charles Wilson's novel "Spin."

The novel is set at a time when the stars have gone dark, the moon has disappeared, a membrane called the Spin has enveloped the Earth and apocalypse looms. In the story, a young scientist is trying to save humanity from this impending doom as the world realizes that its salvation might be found with the discovery of life on Mars.

Olympus Pictures senior vp Leslie Urdang and Rob Morrow of Bits & Pieces will produce the film.

"Spin" won the Hugo Award in 2006. It is the first of a planned trilogy: "Axis" was released in 2007 and will be followed by "Vortex."

Wilson's other works include "Blind Lake," "The Chronoliths" and "Darwinia." He is repped by APA and McCarthy Literary Agency. (partialdiff)