Omarosa Thinks Trump Will Help Sean Spicer Win 'Dancing With the Stars'

Omarosa and Sean Spicer- Getty-Split-H 2019
Michael Tullberg/Getty Images; Paul Morigi/Getty Images

"He'll see this as people voting for or against him, which is why he'll insert himself into the process," the former White House staffer and reality TV vet tells THR.

Omarosa Manigault Newman knows a thing or two about Donald Trump and reality television, which is why she's confident the president will be actively involved in lobbying for Sean Spicer's success on the upcoming season of ABC's Dancing With the Stars.

In an interview Thursday with The Hollywood Reporter, she accurately predicted that Trump would tweet in support of Spicer. "He'll see this as people voting for or against him, which is why he'll insert himself into the process," she said just minutes before the president tweeted that Spicer "will do great" on the dance competition show.

Omarosa, who appeared on Celebrity Big Brother after leaving her job in the White House, anticipates a massive voting battle between "MAGA" Trump supporters and viewers who dislike the current administration. "I'm personally going to sit back to watch to see which one of those sides wins," she says.

She says that Spicer could be surprised by the results of the "democratic process" of voting.

"People have a problem with being deceived and lied to and perceiving it as if the person is being rewarded," Omarosa says. "And, that's what Sean Spicer did. I believe because he's so full of it, he'll do great in certain dances. Let me tell you some dances that he'll be comfortable with: The Jive, because he's full of it; The Hustle, because he deceived the American people; and The Quick Step, because he quick-stepped himself around answering questions."

ABC's casting announcement for DWTS on Wednesday was widely criticized, generating a massive amount of conversation about the upcoming season. "This type of dissension will equate to big ratings," Omarosa asserts.

Broadly speaking, she says that the "divisiveness" of the Trump administration has "seeped into every aspect of life, including the wholesome and entertaining Dancing With the Stars."

Spicer, in a separate interview with THR, said he hopes the show will be "a politics-free zone."