The Book Keeping Omarosa Off the No.1 Spot on Amazon

Amazon; Taylor Hill/WireImage

'Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House' has been the most-talked about book in the media this week, but the Christian self-help book 'Girl, Wash Your Face' remains the e-tailer's top seller.

Following wall-to-wall cable news coverage, it was perhaps inevitable that Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House, Omarosa Manigault-Newman's book about her time working for President Donald Trump, would rapidly climb the Amazon Top 100 selling books list. But the much-talked-about White House takedown has peaked at No. 2.

Keeping it from the No. 1 spot has been the Christian self-help book Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. 

Hollis, a mother of four who lives in Austin, Texas, is the lifestyle blogger behind The Chic Site, which she founded in 2008. In an interview with USA Today, she said her transition from food blogging to “personal development” with a soft religious spin (the book is marketed in the "Christian living" category) writing happened after she began to focus on her own personal growth.

In addition to being No. 1 on Amazon, Girl, Wash Your Face has also spent 17 weeks on the New York Times best-seller list, with sales no doubt underpinned by Hollis' fairly large online following, with 400,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Outwardly at least, Hollis projects the opposite image of Manigault-Newman: unfailingly nice, upbeat and always looking for the positive side of things. Girl, Wash Your Face is pitched as helping readers learn how to “give yourself grace without giving up.” Hollis’ debut reads like a female-centered happy-go-lucky counterpart to The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson, another recent best-selling self-help guide."