'One Day' Star Jim Sturgess: 'I Hope That People are Able to Accept me as Dexter' (Video)

Jim Sturgess and Anne Hathaway star in Lone Scherfig's "One Day."

Jim Sturgess went outside of his comfort zone to play the charmer Dexter in One Day

"He's like no other character I've ever played," Sturgess, whose other films include Across the Universe and 21, shared with Back Stage. "From an acting point of view, it's always exciting to play something very different from what you're done."

Based on the bestselling novel by David Nicholls, One Day chronicles the relationship between Emma and Dexter on the same day, July 15, over 20 years. Sturgess was also nervous about taking on such a beloved literary character.

"People really love these characters," Sturgess said. "I hope that people are able to accept me as Dexter."