One Direction Confirms Progress on New Album During First TV Appearance Post-Zayn Malik


"There’s certain parts of this job that Zayn loved — and certain parts he didn’t."

One Direction has been a man down for more than a month. And, like the rest of us, the members still don’t appear to have recovered from the shock.

The British and Irish boy band appeared overnight on The Late Late Show With James Corden for its first TV appearance post-Zayn Malik.

The now-foursome looked tired as the members chatted briefly with host James Corden while in their dressing room and later in the studio. Indeed, Harry Styles is so gloomy, he’s got a cold. The heartthrob sipped from a mug of tea throughout the chat and took some sarcastic comments (“very rock 'n’ roll”) from his bandmates.

The lads then joined Corden on the couch for a Q&A session, which covered Zayn’s departure, the future of the band and — wait for it — a new album.

When asked whether they’d been in touch with Zayn, Louis Tomlinson replied, “There’s been a bit of back and forth. We’re on good terms with him.” (The laughing One Directioners in the crowd knew full well that Louis and Zayn had a very public Twitter spat.) “It’s all resolved,” Louis said of his and Zayn’s social media feud.

Liam Payne addressed Zayn’s departure head-on. “It’s like anything; at first we were a little bit angry. Obviously we were surprised, but I think we all knew the general vibe Zayn was feeling." The life inside the goldfish bowl of pop superstardom just isn’t for everyone. "There’s certain parts of this job that Zayn loved — and certain parts he didn’t. And if you don’t like your job, you’ve got to follow your heart sometimes and go where you need to go." There’s no hard feelings, said Payne, and, with a typically British attitude, he explained that the band would “carry on as usual.”

Niall Horan stressed that the megaselling group wouldn’t be splitting. “The four of us love every part of it. The shows have been great on the tour, and the fans deserve it. They’ve been absolutely fantastic to us. We enjoy every aspect of it.”

Just what life after Zayn will sound like should be revealed pretty soon. Horan announced that the group is in the studio, working on a follow-up to 2014’s Four. “We’re looking forward to bringing out a new record and going on more tours and stuff,” added Horan. “We’re really enjoying it.” They’ll get to prove it when they play their next show June 5 in Cardiff, Wales.

The boys also shared "war stories" about life onstage and on the road. "The classic pants and bra always get thrown on," noted Payne. And the chaps wrapped things up with a performance alongside Corden, Reggie Watts and the house band.

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