One Direction's Zayn Malik Reveals Birth Control Advice From Russell Brand

One Direction
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The British pop band were on the scene for the British music awards show.

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Funny-man's sage advice is one of many celeb snippets in the band's upcoming autobiography

As a member of the world's biggest boy band One Direction, singer Zayn Malik has revealed that he's received some unexpected advice from celebrities over the years. None more so than that from comedian Russell Brand.

The Daily Mirror on Monday published excerpts of One Direction's upcoming autobiography, Who We Are, in which Malik recalls that the meeting with Brand backstage at the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics was certainly memorable.

"Backstage at the Olympics was one of the maddest times I've had with the band," Malik says in the book. "These crazily famous people were coming up and talking to me. All my life I'd seen them on TV, and here they were just chatting away to us." Malik remembers Brand, who was also performing in the closing ceremony, coming over.  "Russell was brilliant. He was saying, 'Your performance was sick.' Then he started giving me family planning advice! I was like, 'Russell, you shouldn't be giving me that sort of advice!' He was hilarious, a really nice guy."

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Who We Are will be released on Sept. 25, and the British press have been slowly teasing excerpts of the book over the last week. The Sun on Sunday published an excerpt in which teen idol Harry Styles admits to suffering confidence issues when One Direction first became famous. "I'm naturally a fairly confident person in most situations, but not all," Styles says in the book. "At that point, any natural confidence I had was being taken over by nerves, because back then I had no idea how to channel and control my anxiety."

Only through performing hundreds of gigs around the world was Styles able to conquer his anxiety, he says. "One Direction have always been a band that gigs heavily, so over time I've been able to learn about nerves, to understand why and when they might hit and, best of all, how to control them."

"Now I know that if your nerves are controlled correctly, it can actually give you a bit of an edge, an extra sense of focus," he adds.

One Direction release their fourth album, Four, on Nov. 17, and a new single, Steal My Girl, will be released worldwide Sept. 29. 

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