One Person Dies on Set of Martin Scorsese's 'Silence'

Martin Scorsese Horizontal - H 2013
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Martin Scorsese Horizontal - H 2013

Two additional contractors were injured.

One person has died during preproduction on the set of the Martin Scorsese-directed Silence. Two others were injured when a ceiling collapsed. The accident occurred on the backlot of CMPC Studios in Taiwan. 

THR contacted CMPC Studios; their statement on the accident said: 

"Our studio was rented for the use of a production team. The production team has hired contractors to build sets, and the construction has led to an accident, injuring the contractors. The production team immediately reported the accident to the emergency services, while our company also gave assistance. Our company and the production team had reached an agreement for the production team to be held responsible for the health and safety of the personnel of the studio and the set."

Scorsese chose to shoot at CMPC Studios on the recommendation of Ang Lee. Principle photography on Silence was slated to start on Jan. 30, and it is not yet known whether the accident will affect the beginning of the shoot.

The film, which is to star Liam Neeson, Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver, is an adaptation of a Shusaku Endo novel.