Netflix Used Once a Month by One-Third of All Americans Ages 13-54

Jin Lee/Bloomberg/Getty Images

New study reveals how much the service is used at home as the company's stock takes a bruising.

Netflix may only have about 24 million U.S. subscribers, but 35 percent of all Americans ages 13-54 use the service at least once a month, according to a study released Thursday.

The study from Knowledge Networks also revealed that each "regular user" of Netflix watches on average five TV shows and four movies per week via Netflix DVDs and streaming.

Knowledge Networks classified as "regular users" each subscriber who used the service at least once a month.

Knowledge Networks also said 20 percent of Netflix users with VOD watch less of it because of their Netflix viewing.

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The study also indicates 10 percent of Netflix subscribers would cancel if their cable or satellite provider offered a similar service, which is probably music to the ears of Dish Network, which recently teamed with its Blockbuster acquisition to do just that.

The study comes in the midst of turbulent times for Netflix, with its stock down more than 60 percent in two months as Amazon ramps up competition, the price of licensing content for streaming soars and subscribers defect rather than accept a price increase.

Thursday, in fact, was another brutal day for Netflix investors with the stock dropping 11 percent, or $13.95, to $113.19. In July, shares briefly traded above $300.

Amazon’s iPad-like Kindle Fire released Wednesday isn’t helping Netflix’s cause,  either, as the online retailer already offers a streaming product that competes with Netflix and a low-cost tablet device will be a nice companion to that service.

Plus, Bloomberg reported Thursday that Microsoft will beef up its streaming entertainment initiatives by offering pay TV from Comcast and Verizon through the Xbox Live network.