The Onion Mocks TED Talks in New Web Series (Video)

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The satirical news outlet will debut the first in its video parodies on YouTube Oct. 17.

The Onion is targeting the TED Talks, the much-hyped, much-mocked series of video-streamed lectures that has attracted a cult following along with eyerolls from cynics.

The satirical news outlet's Onion Digital Studios arm will lampoon the conference -- for which tickets to the actual event cost thousands of dollars, to see speakers such as Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert, Jane Goodall and various scientists and mathemagicians -- beginning Oct. 17 on YouTube, with a new video series called Onion Talks.

"Presenting Onion Talks: the most important ideas from the greatest thinkers on the planet. No mind will be left unchanged," says a teaser for the show.

The TED Talks began in the '90s in Silicon Valley, and have since launched globally with conferences in different cities and video clips released online (and also streamed on Netflix since last year), according to TechCrunch.

Watch the Onion Talks preview below, and learn something new that will totally rock your world: