Onion online taking root in Europe, Asia

Carriage deal with digital distributor MyVideoRights.com

LONDON -- The Onion News Network will be available to online viewers across the U.K., Europe and Asia following an exclusive deal Wednesday with digital distributor MyVideoRights.com.

The service is kicking off with the run-up to the Nov. 4 election, with the deal partly fueled by what the partners call "the unprecedented interest that the U.K. and Europe have shown in the U.S. presidential election to date."

The Onion News Network, launched in March 2007 as an offshoot of satirical newspaper the Onion, produces footage of current events, both real and imagined, and broadcasts 24/7. It parodies news networks such as CNN and ABC, with much of its humor stemming from interviews and news footage of current events.

Launched by Ashley Mackenzie and Richard Mansell, MyVideoRights.com is backed by Peter Bazalgette, Rupert Dilnott-Cooper and Kelvin Mackenzie.

MyVideoRights.com features only rights-cleared content and allows entertainment producers a way of monetizing video and enables digital publishers to acquire safe, clean advertiser-friendly media.

The Onion's Sean Mills, tongue firmly in cheek, said: "Our partnership with MyVideoRights.com offers us the chance to bring the Onion News Network's coverage of America's flawless and vastly superior political process to customers in the U.K. and Europe."
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