'The Onion's' Joe Biden Spoof Reaches Goofy Crescendo During Debate

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A satirical look at the vice president yields a character obsessed with cars, women and living life to the fullest.

Vice President Joe Biden has been in government for nearly four decades, has traveled the world as one of America's top foreign policy decision-makers, and is the right hand man of the most powerful man in the world.

He also sometimes says some pretty silly stuff.

Thanks to his propensity to mangle phrasings, speak out of turn and, by and large, say whatever he is thinking, Biden has become known as a bit of a gaffe-prone goof. No one has had more fun with that image than satire outlet The Onion, which has run with it to create a fully-formed spoof character that has become one of its trademarks over the past four years.

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With stories like "Shirtless Biden Washes Trans Am in White House Driveway" and "Biden Says Life Better Than It Was Four Years Ago But Nothing Can Touch Summer of '87,"  the humor publication has cast the vice president as a blue collar, fun-loving, beer-drinking and pool-shooting party guy. Ahead of this week's debate, they doubled down on the interpretation, writing of his preparation, "Biden's Handlers Suggesting He Forget The Words 'Pink' And 'Stink' Altogether," and, Thursday night, actually live-tweeting as "Biden."

Some gems include: "Lovin it here in Danville. Picked up some unreal bud earlier ‪#debateprep‬," "I've had a roll in the hay with Paul Ryan's mom. She's gorgeous, and she's healthy as an ox ‪#debates‬" and "Think anyone will notice if I leak the lizard under this table? Shouldn’t have had so many Genny Lights ‪#debates‬."

After, The Onion "reported" that Biden made a stirring speech at the end of the debate, capping a night of Grade-A satire:

"Listen, I know I’m the last person in the world to give you all a lecture on morality,” said Biden pacing the tabletop as the auditorium lights laid bare every world-weary crease and crevice in his 69-year-old face. "I've sure as shit made my fair share of mistakes. I’ve ridden through some pretty dicey places in my Trans-Am, had one or two run-ins with the law, and spent more than a few nights in county. I’ve done things…terrible things. I’ve got a list of regrets a mile wide, and there are nights when those regrets frankly tear me up inside. Just tear me right up."