Online film promotion offers cash incentive

To entice consumers to legally access film content online

LONDON -- Backers hope providing £20 ($30) credit to anyone in the U.K. who visits will help entice consumers to legally access film content online.

The week-long campaign, kicking off Monday, has heavyweight backing form studios including Paramount, Sony Pictures Television, Universal, Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Bros., and The U.K. Film Council, the British Film Institute, BSAC and The Industry Trust and is being partnered with movie streaming site

Entitled Full Stream Ahead, the campaign aims to educate consumers in new online streaming technology, which offers instant access to movie content.

The plans come on the back of fresh research from Entertainment Media Research that shows one in four people here intend to increase the number of films they watch through authorized sites. And a quarter of those asked also stated that they intend to stream more movies over the next 12 months.

Michael Comish, CEO and co-founder of blinkbox said: "Not everyone realizes that they can get instant access to an extensive range of high quality content through streaming services like blinkbox. We believe that showing the public how new online services can legally fulfill their needs is a first step towards encouraging the majority of people to adopt new technology, and turn their backs on copyright theft for good."

Liz Bales of the Industry Trust comments, "blinkbox's Full Stream Ahead week is a fantastic opportunity for the public to try quality virus-free streaming for themselves."
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