From online to inside the Net for Adult Swim


Adult Swim has given a pilot order to a live-action/greenscreen project based on a series of online shorts from John Gemberling and Curtis Gwinn.

Gemberling and Gwinn also will star in, write and executive produce the as-yet-untitled half-hour project, which centers on a brilliant computer programmer (Gemberling) who gets sucked into the Internet, where a bounty hunter (Gwinn) is sent by an evil CEO to find him. The greenscreen portion of the show, which will feature the "inside" of the Internet, may encompass animation or CGI elements.

The pilot is tentatively set to be shot this month. David Tochterman, who is Gemberling and Gwinn's manager, also will executive produce.

The original series, titled "Gemberling," comprised eight episodes (seven of which were five minutes long and an eighth that ran for 17 minutes). The show was part of the lineup of Channel 102 in New York, where a live audience votes on various five-minute shorts and the top five become the Web site's "primetime" lineup. According to the Channel 102 site, "Gemberling" was the longest-running show in its original lineup and was the "most dependably funny, best-paced show in 102 history when it ended." The shorts also aired on TV this year as part of Fuse's late-night show "Munchies."

The original cast also included Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer and Rob Corddry, among others, but the talent for the pilot is still being finalized.

Gemberling and Gwinn, also known as the comedy duo Cowboy & John, regularly appear at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York and have written for such shows as Comedy Central's "The Man Show."

They are repped by WMA and Tochterman.