Online location resource offered at Berlin fest


BERLIN - Moviemakers and film financiers gathering for the start of this year's Berlin International Film Festival and its accompanying European Film Market will be offered from Thursday a new online resource aimed at revolutionizing the hunt for global film benefits and incentives.

The online resource, found as under the banner "Benefits and Incentives," is pitched at production decision makers and financiers alike and aims to offer producers a comparison guide to benefits and incentives on offer from national and regional governments worldwide.

The organizers said they will charge just a dollar a day for the service, or $365 a year, to access the Benefits & Incentives service.

The site was created in response to demand from subscribers of the existing hard copy indie publication entitled The Location Guide (

The online service asks key incentive suppliers 25 standard questions collated from what producers say they need to know. Such questions include how much the benefit offered is, who can access it and how it works.

The website then allows users to make direct contrasts between what is on offer worldwide through a comparison function for each country or state.

An example would be producers could take a look at a national incentive such as Australia as well as select by individual states in that country such as Queensland and compare them.

The Location Guide editor Murray Ashton said the site would allow producers "to make comparisons between different countries and states thereby assisting them to be both location creative and intelligent."