Only 6.5% of Korean screens 3D-ready

'Avatar' ushers in new age, KOFIC official says

SEOUL-- Only 6.5% of Korean cinema screens – roughly 129 out of 1996 screens -- are equipped for 3D projection, and many were built before the release of “Avatar,"  said Lee Jae-woo of Korean Film Council during a 3D conference “Current State of Korean CG Technique” held Wednesday.

“Considering that the number of 3D screening spaces is still very low, the success of ‘Avatar’ in Korea signals the start of the age of 3D cinema,” Lee said.

Jeong Il-kwon, a researcher at Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute, argued that 3D technology in Korea is about two years behind Hollywood and the gap might be greater in digital content and production knowledge.

Jeong added that while Korea takes pride in its advanced VFX technology, but still lags behind in securing its own technical development, and that much of it is still based on mimicking the graphic skills of other countries. Citing the cultural gap and the communication barriers when collaborating with a Korean VFX studio, Hans Uhlig, who worked on the mega-hit disaster film “Haeundae,” Jeong said such barriers should also be resolved for international cooperation.