Ono unveils art exhibition in Brazil


SAO PAULO, Brazil -- Yoko Ono -- the world's most famous unknown artist, as her late husband John Lennon called her -- brought an exhibition with about 80 of her works to South America's largest city.

The 74-year-old Ono also will take part in a theatrical performance titled "A Night with Yoko," organizers said.

"When I'm invited to perform in other countries, I always have doubts on whether I should go," Ono said on the Web site of the daily O Globo. "But after showing my work, I feel like I can affect people."

The exhibition, called "Yoko Ono, a Retrospective," begins Saturday and will stay in Sao Paulo until Feb. 3.

Some of the artworks are from the 1993 exhibition "Blood Objects," including portrait frames, round glasses such as the ones used by Lennon and a blood-tainted T-shirt symbolizing urban violence.

The exhibition was previously displayed in Norway and Switzerland.