Oprah gives ABC lift, but Fox tops


The premiere of the ABC philanthropic reality show "Oprah's Big Give" was one of the few bright spots in the 23rd week of the season, with several shows hitting season lows and networks struggling to lure viewers back to broadcast after the WGA strike.

The primetime schedule remains peppered with scripted repeats, helping Fox achieve its eighth consecutive weekly victory.

Fox led the field by 2.5 ratings points (averaging 13.8 million, 5.2 rating/13.9 share). Three nights of "American Idol" (topped by Tuesday's episode, which was seen by 28.6 million viewers, with a 11.1/27) powered the lineup, with two episodes giving giant lead-ins to record-setting episodes of "Back to You" (12.2 million, 4.4/11) on Tuesday and "Don't Forget the Lyrics!" (14.4 million, 5.2/13) on Thursday.

ABC (8 million, 2.7/3.7) came in second for the week, led by the top-rated scripted series "Lost" (12.9 million, 5.4/13). The Thursday night drama continues to earn generous reviews while slipping week-over-week in the ratings.

Sunday's "Big Give" (15.7 million, 5.3/13) clocked in as the third-most-watched premiere of the season. ABC also boasted a victory with the premiere of the telefilm "A Raisin in the Sun" (12.7 million, 3.6/9), which managed to win Monday night.

NBC and CBS were tied for third, with NBC (7.3 million, 2.2/6.0) continuing to be led by Monday's "Deal or No Deal" (15.4 million, 4.3/11). The network's other game show, Friday's "Amnesia" (5 million, 1.3/4), took a steep dive in its second week, however, losing ground to CBS' "The Price Is Right Million Dollar Spectacular" (9.5 million, 2.2/7)

CBS (8.2 million, 2.2/6.0) is essentially in a ratings holding pattern until its scripted shows resume, with veteran reality hit "Survivor" (12.5 million, 4.2/11) its highest-rated show.