Oprah Is Taping Her Final Show Ever Today

Munawar Hosain/Getty Images

"We're ready. She's ready. :-)" Tweets her executive producer Sheri Salata.

That's a wrap.

Oprah Winfrey will tape her final show Tuesday, her executive producer, Sheri Salata, confirmed on Twitter. PHOTOS: Oprah's most memorable moments

"We're ready. She's ready. :-)" Salata wrote, dashing reports that Winfrey might opt to do her last show live. It airs Wednesday. PHOTOS: Hollywood's most powerful women

The topic has been tightly under wraps.

Winfrey handed over her third-to-last and penultimate shows to her staff, who surprised the talk show host with performances and star appearances at Chicago's United Center Tuesday. Part 1 aired Monday, and Part 2 airs Tuesday. Read THR’s minute-by-minute live blog, and critics’ reviews.

Salata says the staff will have mixed feelings once the show goes dark after 25 years.

"We'll be toasting up a storm. Probably weeping a bit, holding each other tight. And most definitely feeling a sense of closure for what has been such an unforgettable chapter in all of our lives," she tells USA Today.

Winfrey, however, has told The Hollywood Reporter she's confident she's stepping down at the right time. PHOTOS: Hollywood's highest-paid actors

"I'm so happy I didn't stay in the wing until I was punch drunk and people had to drag me out with my microphone and say, 'Enough already!'" she said. "I always thought I would take my cues from the viewers. I took the cue from the landscape of television. It got harder and harder and harder to raise the bar every day. What we're doing is primetime television done in the daytime. The amount of money spent, editors… everything it takes to do this show… it got harder to raise the bar."

As for her Next Chapter, slated to air on OWN? VIDEO: OWN's first promo

“Oprah as we know it with a studio audience is over. We can't do it any better than we've done it," Salata told THR. "I think you can expect to see Oprah out in the world, and having the look and feel very different. it's about what Oprah is interested in exploring and interested in life."