Oprah Confronts Kim Kardashian About Sex Tape (Video)

Oprah Kardashians - H 2012

Oprah Kardashians - H 2012

On Winfrey's "Next Chapter" program, Kardashian admits "If I had one regret, that would be it" when asked what she learned from the experience.

Oprah Winfrey is no shrinking violet when it comes to interviewing celebrities, and she was typically fearless Sunday confronting Kim Kardashian about the origins of her fame. In an interview with Kardashian on Sunday’s “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” Winfrey asked the gossip magnet, “would you be where you are without the sex tape?”

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“I’m not naïve to that fact,” Kardashian said after a long pause. “That’s pretty much how I was introduced to the world. It was a negative way, so I felt like I really had to work ten times harder to get people to see the real me.”

Winfrey grilled Kardashian about many of her personal experiences, including her 72-day marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries. When asked whether she was grateful for the experience – or at least what she learned from it -- Kardashian indicated that the tape would be her “one regret.”

“I felt humiliated -- why would anyone put that humiliation on their family like that?” she asked. “I’m definitely not grateful for that experience. I would say if I had one regret, that would be it. If I were to do it again, obviously I wouldn’t do it again.”

Watch a clip from Winfrey’s interview with Kardashian below. Part One of Oprah’s interview with the Kardashian clan ran on Sunday's episode of "Oprah's Next Chapter," and the remainder will be broadcast next Sunday, June 24.

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