Oprah Shares Private Journal Entries

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She documents her first date and her experience shooting "The Color Purple."

Oprah Winfrey is sharing five pages from her hand-written journals in the April issue of O, The O Magazine.

In one entry - dated Sept. 22, 1970 - Winfrey, then 16, writes about going on her first date: "Anthony asked me yesterday to go with him today. I answered yes. My only regret is my parents. Maybe I shouldn't have said yes but I wanted to, and my want overpowered theirs...I hated to go against my parents but Anthony is so perfect (almost). I couldn't say no."
Winfrey also documented shooting The Color Purple. A July 12, 1985 entry reads: "Steven kept saying great ‹ great ‹ everyone was moved ‹ then Alan said part of it was in shadow or something. I prayed and prayed to be able to recapture the same energy, having Whoopi there to coax me on did help a lot."
In another entry - dated Nov. 19, 1970 - she writes: "Deciding about college is racking my brain. I've got a psychology test tomorrow and haven't studied one bit. Why I do stuff like this is beyond me. The wind is blowing outside. And inside it's sooo cozy. O' sweet dreams of Toni. Peace on Earth, God Bless, etc, etc."
According to USA Today, the magazine's iPad app will exclusively feature 11 additional pages of journal entries.