Oprah Talks Presidential Run: "It's Not Something That Interests Me"

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In an interview three weeks before her rousing Golden Globes speech, the beloved icon told InStyle's Laura Brown that #Oprah2020 was not going to happen.

Oprah fans, you might need to sit down for this one. 

In the March issue of InStyle, the beloved Ms. Winfrey told editor-in-chief Laura Brown that, sadly, she will not be running for president come 2020. 

"I've always felt very secure and confident with myself in knowing what I could do and what I could not," she told Brown in the interview. "And so it's not something that interests me. I don't have the DNA for it." 

But — and this is a big but — the interview with Brown took place three weeks prior to her historic Golden Globes acceptance speech for the Cecil B. Demille Award, which is what really took the Oprah 2020 fever to new heights. And following that iconic moment, longtime partner Stedman Graham added more fuel to the fire when he told the L.A. Times, "It's up to the people. She would absolutely do it." Shortly thereafter, bestie Gayle King also told CBS This Morning that Winfrey was "intrigued by the idea." 

Not to mention, while messing around on the set of her high-fashion InStyle photo shoot, which was shot by Phil Poynter and styled by Karla Welch, she joked (?), "OK, 2020," when an off-camera assistant told her she looked "very presidential." The Instagram post has since been taken down. Curious.

So though her interview seems to be conveying a hard no, we can't help but feel like Oprah is just toying with our emotions like a noncommittal boyfriend by neither confirming nor entirely denying such a possibility.

Plus, she's a fan of the merch: "I actually saw [an Oprah 2020] mug the other day. … I thought it was a cute mug. All you need is a mug and some campaign literature and a T-shirt." Amen. 


Oprah 2020? “I’ve always felt very secure and confident with myself in knowing what I could do and what I could not. And so it’s not something that interests me. I don’t have the DNA for it,” @Oprah tells @LauraBrown99. “I met with someone the other day who said that they would help me with a campaign. That’s not for me. Gayle—who knows me as well as I know myself practically—has been calling me regularly and texting me things, like a woman in the airport saying, ‘When’s Oprah going to run?’ So Gayle sends me these things, and then she’ll go, ‘I know, I know, I know! It wouldn’t be good for you—it would be good for everyone else.’” Read her full interview at the link in bio. #Oprah

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