Oprah Winfrey Network Launches Online Shop

Oprah - H 2015

The O Store will include merchandise from the Peace Love Oprah collection and a curated selection of items from 'O' magazine's O List.

Oprah Winfrey Network is getting its own retail site. 

The O Store launched this week with exclusive Oprah merchandise and products from OWN shows including Super Soul Sunday. The store will also offer select styles from the Peace Love Oprah clothing line that debuted from Miami-based Peace Love World during Oprah's The Life You Want tour.

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"The idea for the store was born out of the fact that we had such an amazing product line — Peace Love Oprah — that we developed for the tour in collaboration with Peace Love World," says OWN president Erik Logan. "We had so many requests about how to get it that we started thinking about other items that we always heard people were looking for. It's a combination of several existing ideas in a curated experience." 

Although many TV networks offer online stores, OWN has the ability to pull in merchandise from beyond its television presence. The O Store, for example, will sell a curated selection of items ranging from jewelry to gadgets to treats from O magazine's O List. The store will also feature online learning classes from OWN's O Courses platform. 

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Logan says the store will evolve to feature new products but will always "have some form of curation" that allows it to provide handpicked items geared toward OWN audiences.

OWN is partnering with Delivery Agent, a San Francisco company that provides e-commerce solutions for entertainment companies, to launch the store.