Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Settles Tree-Trimming Dispute With Neighbors

The software mogul was going to court over three redwoods and an 80-year-old acacia that had grown so much they were blocking his view of the San Francisco Bay.

Oracle Corp. CEO Larry Ellison has reportedly settled a dispute with his neighbors over several trees blocking his view of the San Francisco Bay.

In 1988, Ellison bought a home in San Francisco's Pacific Heights neighborhood for $3.9 million, according to the Wall Street Journal. But in 2004, Bernard and Jane Von Bothmer purchased a $6.9 million home down the hill and let three redwoods and an 80-year-old acacia grow so much that they blocked the software mogul's view.

A legal dispute arose over the trees' trimming, with the von Bothmers attempting to landmark the acacia and Jane von Bothmer producing photos of Ellison's employees strapped into her trees about to trim, according to Curbed. Ellison also offered to buy the von Bothmers' home for as much as $15 million at one point, but the couple declined to sell, the WSJ reported.

A trial was set to begin Monday, but Curbed is reporting that the dispute has been settled, with the von Bothmers agreeing to keep the redwoods trimmed at a height within two feet of the elevation of Ellison's second floor.

Curbed also reported that Ellison is planning to buy the home of late socialite/philanthropist Dodie Rosekrans immediately next door to his for $40 million.