'Girls on Orange' Podcast With 'Orange Is the New Black's' Samira Wiley

Samira Wiley, left, and Danielle Brooks in a scene from Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black”

The actress who plays Poussey talks sex scenes, Emmy nominations and how shooting became "pretty intense"

On this episode of Girls on Orange, we spoke with Samira Wiley, who called in from New York where she is currently shooting season three of Orange Is the New Black.

"I'm trying to stay in the moment," she said in light of the the Netflix series' 12 Emmy nominations for its first season. Though Wiley did not receive an acting nomination this time around, her character Poussey finally got a backstory in season two, which included a fair amount of onscreen nudity and sex for the actress, as well as some violence that she said was surprisingly much more traumatizing for her religious family back home.

Wiley also described the most challenging scene to shoot from the new season, how she handled the transition from classical theater to streaming television and which castmember is the most fun to get loose with at an afterparty.

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