Orlando Nightclub Mass Shooting: The World Reacts


50 people were killed and 53 more injured in the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, which occurred during Pride Month.

The entertainment industry was quick to react to the Sunday morning mass shooting at gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando, Fla. Fifty people were killed and 53 more injured, making the terrorist act the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

Openly gay stars like Ellen DeGeneres, George Takei, Matt Bomer, Lance Bass and Dustin Lance Black indicated they were grieving for the victims, as did GLAAD. DeGeneres tweeted simply "Sobbing" to her more than 60 million followers. Bomer wrote, "My heart goes out to all those affected by this terrible tragedy in Orlando. There are no words. Sending love and prayers." Bass said in part "the tears will not stop." Takei urged his followers to go to the gofundme page set up to support the victims of the shooting. Black, who won a best original screenplay Oscar in 2008 for his work on Milk, also wanted action and said not only were his heart and soul with those in Orlando but also his anger.  "Our love and prayers are not enough. GUN. CONTROL. NOW," he tweeted. 

The call for gun control reform also was shared by many stars, including members of the Broadway community speaking out ahead of the Tony Awards on Sunday night. Alan Cumming, who hosted last year's Tonys with Kristin Chenoweth, tweeted, "How many people have to die for the Republicans to stop blocking even the mildest reform of US gun laws?"

Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson, currently starring in Fully Committed, called the shooting a "senseless and horrific tragedy." "Heartbroken for my LGBTQ brothers & sisters," he wrote. "Time for change. #GunControlNow." Broadway veteran Audra McDonald, surprisingly not nominated for a Tony this year for her performance in Shuffle Along, also called for action: "When does this end? When do we demand a change? When do we finally wake up from this God awful nightmare?" Meanwhile Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, whose show is up for a record 16 Tonys, simply shared one of the popular memes circulating in the wake of the tragedy: a heart with a rainbow flag inside of it over the word "Orlando."

The Pulse massacre took place just hours before the Tony Awards, which will be dedicated to the victims of the shooting. The award show's Twitter account expressed the organization's sympathy for those affected. Meanwhile, Laura Benanti, set to perform on Sunday's show, declared that her performance would serve as an additional tribute. "Tonight, every note I sing will be in remembrance of the lives taken in Orlando," she wrote on social media.

The Book of Mormon alum Josh Gad stopped short of calling for gun-control reform but indicated he was angry about the shooting and felt it was time to do something to stop such tragedies. "Oh God. I just woke up to the news about #Orlando. My heart has just been kicked. I am so F—ING tired of mass shootings. E-N-O-U-G-H!!!!"

Meanwhile John Legend also called for action, writing, "Horrified by the mass shooting in Orlando. When will we do something to prevent these killing sprees?"

Others reacted to the shooting by condemning the hate seemingly expressed by the gunman and calling for love. "There's enough hate in this world. It's just too much. Let people live their lives. Let them love. Enough hate. Let the madness end now," director Paul Feig tweeted. Aisha Tyler added, "Hate is a poison. It destroys everything it touches & undermines our most precious American value: freedom." Calls for love over hate were also shared by Antonio Banderas and Cheyenne Jackson. Empire's Jussie Smollett, meanwhile, urged people to stop perpetuating hatred, writing, "W/ every slur we throw about so carelessly& every turned cheek we possess, these crimes will continue. #PrayForOrlando"

Many stars also shared some of the memes that became popular in the wake of the shooting: rainbow-filled images of Florida and hearts.

Many politicians, including presumptive Democratic and Republican presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and other public figures also shared their thoughts on social media.

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To my brothers and sisters of the LGBTQ community please take the time to read this. If you have not already heard there was a terrible shooting at a gay night club in Orlando. It is not only a sad day for the #LGBTQ community, but for the American people. 50 people lost their lives because of a hateful coward with a gun. Let this hateful act of terror on the #LGBTQ community be a wake up call for America. Men and women of all races, ages, and sexual orientation are being slaughtered because of hate crimes. How many more must die from a hate crime? We need to create awareness for ALL to show that hate is not the foundation of our nation. Friends DO NOT let this coward put fear into your hearts!!! Let us all come together stronger than ever and let the world know that we will not be terrorized or bullied by the actions of hateful bigots. We are here to stay and fight not only for equality, but for our very existence. To the victims love ones of this terrible crime I and the entire #LGBTQ community in the world stands with you and mourns with you. #standwithorlando #prayfororlando #love #peace #lbgtq #pride

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"The love you take is equal to the love you make"

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Last night I was thinking about our nation...my son...this world...what I am contributing to it.. And I posted this...and today I post it again. I'm not asking Americans to lose rights..I'm not asking everyone to turn in their guns. I'm asking my fellow Americans to acknowledge we need a system to protect our future and the freedoms we claim to hold so dear. We need gun control laws to add to our freedoms not take away. We need to make the right decisions for the next generation. I have so much more to say but for now all I will say is how many more speeches and tragedies will it take? We only get a certain amount of time on this earth and our responsibility is to our kids. How can we look our sons and daughters in the eye with all we have now seen and not try? Not try to better this world for THEM!? We are better than this. God bless America.. But God isn't going to change this... He gave us free choice. Let's choose to make a difference.

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Love is love. #prayforourworld

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