'Orphan Black' Second Season Trailer Has Sarah Fight Rachel (Exclusive)


Tatiana Maslany's clone character races to find her missing daughter Kira in the anticipated return of Space's breakout sci-fi drama on April 19.

TORONTO -- Canada's Space channel has debuted the first full trailer for its upcoming second season of Orphan Black, the breakout conspiracy clone thriller from Temple Street Productions.

In this exclusive Canadian trailer premiere, we see series lead star Tatiana Maslany embodying a gun-toting Sarah Manning as she confronts Rachel Duncan, also played by Maslany, and tells her, "You don't own us!"

The breakneck Canadian promo also has Sarah frantically searching for her missing daughter Kira, and answers to the mystery of the clone conspiracy that underpins the homegrown drama.

Maslany in the lead role plays seven cloned characters.

With Alison's carefully crafted suburban world spinning out of control and the genetic illness affecting science nerd Cosima (Maslany) threatening them all, Sarah must negotiate a dangerous world of new enemies and shifting allegiances to get to the bottom of the experiment that made them who they are.

Orphan Black co-creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson are expected to introduce new clones during the second season.

Nashville's Michiel Huisman, Peter Outerbridge and Ari Millen have boarded the second season shoot.

Patrick J. Adams and Michelle Forbes will guest star.

Fawcett, who directs and act as a showrunner for the series that also airs on BBC America, and co-showrunner Manson, share executive producer credits on Orphan Black with Ivan Schneeberg and David Fortier.

BBC Worldwide distributes the Space drama worldwide.