'Orphanage,' 'Roses' lead Goya noms


MADRID -- Juan Antonio Bayona's chilling ghost tale "The Orphanage" and Emilio Martinez-Lazaro's historic drama "13 Roses" led the candidates for the Spanish Film Academy's Goya awards, landing nominations Monday in 14 categories each, including best film.

Jaime Rosales' Festival de Cannes entry "La Soledad" and Gracia Querejeta's "Seven French Billiards Tables" also found slots in the best film category.

The Spanish academy will present the winners in the 27 categories at a gala ceremony Jan. 27.

"Orphanage," Spain's submission for the foreign-language film Oscar, has raced up the country's boxoffice charts and earned about 24 million euros ($34.5 million) in ticket sales. It will be released this month by Picturehouse in the U.S.

Iciar Bollain's "Mataharis," about a female detective agency, found a spot in the best director category alongside Martinez-Lazaro, Querejeta and Rosales. Bayona took a spot in the new directors category for his helming debut, joined by Tom Fernandez for "La Torre de Suso," David and Tristan Ulloa for "Pudor" and Felix Viscarret for "Bajo las Estrellas."

Bollain's original script for "Mataharis," which she wrote with Tatiana Rodriguez, secured a spot in the original script competition against Querejeta and David Planell for "Billiards Tables," Gonzalo Suarez for "Oviedo Express," Ignanco Martinez de Pison for "13 Roses" and Sergio Sanchez for "Orphanage."

Oscar-winning director Jose Luis Garci's latest work, "Luz de Domingo," secured five nominations, including actor, supporting actor, art director, production design and wardrobe.

"Luz" lead Alfredo Landa, who will receive an honorary Goya for lifetime achievement, will vie for the actor award against Alvaro de Luna for "El Prado de las Estrellas," Alberto San Juan for "Under the Stars" and Tristan Ulloa for "Mataharis."

Belen Rueda will compete in the lead actress category for her role as the mother in "Orphanage." She will face Blanca Portillo and veteran Spanish actress Maribel Verdu for their roles in "Billiards Tables" and Emma Suarez for her part in "Under the Stars."

Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza's documentary-style horror film "Rec" was nominated in the new actress category for Manuela Velasco's work, as well as for editing (David Gallart) and special effects (David Ambid, Enric Masip and Alex Villagrasa).

A complete list of nominees follows:

Best film

"The Orphanage," directed by Juan Antonio Bayona
"La Soledad," directed by Jaime Rosales
"Las 13 Rosas" (13 Roses), directed by Emilio Martinez-Lazaro
"Seven French Billiards Tables," directed by Gracia Querejeta


Iciar Bollain, "Mataharis"
Emilio Martinez-Lazaro, "Las 13 Rosas"
Gracia Querejeta, "Seven French Billiards Tables"
Jaime Rosales, "La Soledad"

New director

Juan Antonio Bayona, "The Orphanage"
Tom Fernandez, "La Torre de Suso"
David and Tristan Ulloa, "Pudor"
Felix Viscarret, "Bajo las Estrellas"

Original script

Iciar Bollain and Tatiana Rodriguez, "Mataharis"
Ignacio Martinez de Pison, "Las 13 Rosas"
Gonzalo Suarez, "Oviedo Express"
Gracia Querejeta and David Planell, "Seven French Billiards Tables"
Sergio G. Sanchez, "The Orphanage"

Adapted script

Ventura Pons, "Barcelona (Un Mapa)"
Laura Santullo, "La Zona"
Felix Viscarret, "Bajo las Estrellas"
Tristan Ulloa, "Pudor"
Imanol Uribe, "La Carta Esferica"

Original score

Roque Banos, "Las 13 Rosas"
Carles Cases, "Oviedo Express"
Mikel Salas, "Bajo las Estrellas"
Fernando Velazquez, "The Orphanage"

Original song
"Esa Luz," by Luis Tosar, Piti Sanz, Santiago Garcia de Leaniz ("Mataharis")
"Fado da Saudade," Fernando Pinto Do Amaral, Carlos Do Carmo ("Fados")
"Gloomy Sunday," Lucia Jimenez ("La Caja Kovak")
"Happy Happy Chueca," Diossa and Malyzzia ("Chuecatown")

Production design
Juan Carmona and Salvador Gomez Cuenca, "Luz de Domingo"
Martin Cabanas, "Las 13 Rosas"
Teresa Cepeda, "Oviedo Express"
Sandra Hermida, "The Orphanage"


Jose Luis Alcaine, "Las 13 Rosas"
Alvaro Gutierrez, "Bajo las Estrellas"
Angel Iguacel, "Seven French Billiards Tables"
Carlos Suarez, "Oviedo Express"


David Gallart, "Rec"
Fernando Pardo, "Las 13 rosas"
Elena Ruiz, "The Orphanage"
Nacho Ruiz Capillas, "Seven French Billiards Tables"

Lead actor

Alfredo Landa, "Luz De Domingo"
Alvaro de Luna, "El Prado de las Estrellas"
Alberto San Juan, "Bajo las Estrellas"
Tristan Ulloa, "Mataharis"

Supporting actor

Raul Arevalo, "Seven French Billiards Tables"
Jose Manuel Cervino, "Las 13 rosas"
Julian Villagran, "Bajo las estrellas"
Emilio Gutierrez Cava, "La Torre de Suso"
Carlos Larranaga, "Luz de domingo"

New actor

Oscar Abad, "El Prado de las Estrellas"
Gonzalo de Castro, "La Torre de Suso"
Roger Princep, "The Orphanage"
Jose Luis Torrijo, "La Soledad"

Lead actress

Blanca Portillo, "Seven French Billiards Tables"
Belen Rueda, "The Orphanage"
Emma Suarez, "Bajo las Estrellas"
Maribel Verdu, "Seven French Billiards Tables"

Supporting actress

Amparo Baro, "Seven French Billiards Tables"
Geraldine Chaplin, "The Orphanage"
Nuria Gonzalez, "Mataharis"
Maria Vazquez, "Mataharis"

New actress

Gala Evora, "Lola, la Pelicula"
Barbara Goenaga, "Oviedo Express"
Nadia de Santiago, "Las 13 Rosas"
Manuela Velasco, "Rec"

Art director

Wolfgang Burmann, "Oviedo Express"
Edou Hydallgo, "Las 13 Rosas"
Gil Parrondo, "Luz de Domingo"
Josep Rosell, "The Orphanage"


Sonia Grande, "Lola, la Pelicula"
Lena Mossum, "Las 13 Rosas"
Lourdes de Orduna, "Luz de Domingo"
Maria Reyes, "The Orphanage"

Makeup and hair

Lourdes Briones and Fermin Galan, "Oviedo Express"
Lola Lopez and Itziar Arrieta, "The Orphanage"
Marilo Osuna, Almudena Fonseca and Jose Juez, "Las 13 Rosas"
Jose Quetglas and Blanca Sanchez, "El Corazon de la Tierra"


Carlos Bonmati, Alfonso Pino and Carlos Faruolo, "Las 13 Rosas"
Licio Marcos de Oliveira and Bernat Aragones, "Tuya Siempre"
Ivan Marin, Jose Antonio Bermudez and Leopoldo Aledo, "Seven French Billiards Tables"
Xavi Mas, Marc Orts, Oriol Tarrago, "The Orphanage"

Special effects

Reyes Abades and Alex G. Ortoll, "El Corazon de la Tierra"
David Ambid, Enric Masip and Alex Villagrasa, "Rec"
Pau Costa, Raul Ramanillos and Carlos Lozano, "Las 13 Rosas"
David Marti, Montse Ribe, Pau Costa, Enric Masip, Lluis Castells and Jordi San Agustin, "The Orphanage"

Animated film

"Azur y Asmar," directed by Michel Ocelot
"Betizu Eta Urrezko Zintzarria," directed by Egoitz Rodriguez Olea
"En Busca de la Piedra Magica," directed by Lenard F. Krawinkel and Holger Tappe
"Nocturna, una Aventura Magica," directed by Victor Maldonado and Adria Garcia

Documentary film

"El Productor," directed by Fernando Mendez-Leite
"Fados," directed by Carlos Saura
"Invisibles," directed by Isabel Coixet, Win Wenders, Fernando Leon de Aranoa, Mariano Barroso and Javier Corcuera
"Lucio," directed by Aitor Arregui and Jose MÂȘ Goenaga

Spanish-language foreign film

"La Edad de la Peseta," directed by Pavel Giroud of Cuba
"Mariposa Negra," directed by Francisco J. Lombardi of Peru
"Padre Nuestro," directed by Rodrigo Sepulveda of Chile
"XXY," directed by Lucia Puenzo of Argentina

Fiction short

"El Pan Nuestro," directed by Aitor Merino Unzueta
"Padam ...," directed by Jose Manuel Carrasco Fuentes
"Paseo," directed by Arturo Ruiz Serrano
"Proverbio Chino," directed by Javier San Roman
"Salvador" (Historia de un Milagro Cotidiano), directed by Abdelatif Abdeselam Hamed

Animated short

"Atencion al Cliente," directed by Marcos Valin and David Alonso
"El Bufon y la Infanta," directed by Juan Ramon Galinanaes Garcia
"La Flor Mas Grande del Mundo," directed by Juan Pablo Etcheverry
"Perpetum Mobile," De Raquel Garcia-Ajofrin Virtus and Enrique Garcia Rodriguez
"Tadeo Jones y el Sotano Maldito" directed by Enrique Gato Borregan

Short documentary

"Carabanchel, un Barrio de Cine," directed by Juan Carlos Zambrana
"El Anonimo Caronte," directed by Toni Bestard
"El Hombre Feliz," directed by Isabel Lucina Gil Marquez
"Valkirias," directed by Eduardo Soler

Honorary Goya

Alfredo Landa