Osaka to host digital content market


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HONG KONG -- Osaka, Japan, will host a new digital content market in the fall, organizers of the Asia Contents Market said Wednesday at the Hong Kong Filmart.

"The main thing is to do something outside of Tokyo," said Mikio Sugiura, project manager of the Osaka Digital Contents Industry Promotion Council. "Tokyo is a mature entertainment industry, but when you are talking online games, digital cinema and new platforms, it is not the best place. Osaka has many startups and ventures involved in this sort of thing."

Running Sept. 29-Oct. 2, the Asia Contents Market will kick off the next Japan International Contents Festival, a series of media events that will conclude with the Tokyo International Film Festival market (TIFFCOM).

"TIFFCOM is big, good for those targeting Europe and the United States," Sugiura said. "But it is not so good for small companies from around Asia. We are offering an opportunity to those small, young companies."

Sugiura said organizers hope to attract 200 exhibitors and 5,000 visitors to the inaugural ACM, which is being sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The market will be one-third computer-generated animation, one-third online and mobile games and one-third e-learning, digital cinema and multimedia.

In February, the Promotion Council held a Contents Showcase, which it calls "a warm-up" for the ACM, where 70 exhibitors and 1,300 visitors attended.

Furthermore, Sugiura said, they are looking to add a public aspect to the ACM by adding screenings and student events.