Osbourne Family Launches Weekly Podcast Series (Exclusive)

The Osbournes Podcast - Publicity - H 2018
Courtesy of Osbourne Digital Media

Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly will relive events of their popular MTV reality series during the 10-week podcast.

Nearly 13 years after their reality series went off the air, the Osbournes are ready to put their lives on display once again. Only this time, they're doing it via podcast. 

Beginning March 5, Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly Osbourne will sit down each week for The Osbournes Podcast to talk about their time on MTV's The Osbournes, catch fans up on their lives today and interview some of their closest friends. Guests who will make an appearance on the 10-episode show include comedian Sheryl Underwood, Carnie Wilson and The Osbournes executive producer Greg Johnston. 

Jack, who will serve as the de facto host of the podcast, tells The Hollywood Reporter that the idea was born out of his own love of the audio format. "There's been talk about bringing The Osbournes back, but it would never work," he says. "I thought, 'Well, this is probably the next best thing.'" 

The Osbournes ran from 2002 to 2005 on MTV and, in many ways, launched a new generation of reality television shows. Jack says that the family has been screening old episodes of the show during their podcast recording sessions. "It's really quite awkward to watch, especially now as a parent," he says. But he adds that fans of the show will find the same frank look at the Osbournes' lives in the podcast. "Everyone is really open and honest about a lot of things," he says. "It's pretty candid." 

A few familiar faces from the show will make appearances on the podcast, too, including Big Dave the Manny and Melinda Varga. 

The Osbournes Podcast will premiere March 5 on the 16th anniversary of the show's MTV debut. New episodes will become available every Monday.