Oscar Beauty Season Kicks Off With Spray Tans Galore


With the Academy Awards set for Feb. 26, it's going to be Beauty-Palooza for the next few weeks.

The Golden Globes had their share of beauty suites (HBO, L'Oreal, etc), where nominees and celebs go to do mani pedi's, hair blow outs, hair cuts for guys, and sometimes even massages. It's also a good photo op moment, obviously. Just what Hollywood needs: Another PR opportunity.

But the Oscars gets much crazier. That's because the whole town is involved: Actors, agents, managers, producers, directors, studio execs, wives, mothers, girlfriends, boyfriends all get in on the hype. If someone's not going to the Oscars, they're going to a party that weekend, no doubt about it. Hey, who really must have tan legs Oscar weekend? No one. it's more the fun of going to do it an sighting another celeb -- it's all part of the Oscar ritual.

The first Oscar beauty suite we've heard about is from St. Tropez, the tanning product company based in Europe. Were you aware that almost every woman on the Oscar red carpet has had her legs (sometimes, all the way to the waist) spray tanned in a very professional way? That's why those dresses with slits up the side look so good on them, as legs always look more toned when tan.  

Their annual Lights, Camera, Glow! is set for the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles on Wednesday, Feb. 22 & Thursday, Feb. 23.  

All Oscar nominees and presenters can experience St. Tropez skin finishing treatments at the suite. Of course they can also get house calls, although get spray tans in their specific booths is a lot faster and cleaner. 

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