Oscar to fuel 'Cove' distribution, controversy

Dolphin documentary to show in Japan this spring

TOKYO -- The best documentary Academy Award for “The Cove” will no doubt provide a boost for the Japanese distribution deal finally announced last week, although it is also sure to fire up the already heated topic of the film about dolphin hunting in the country where it was secretly shot.

Medallion Media acquired the documentary, despite concerns about local opposition, particularly from the fishermen and townsfolk of Taiji in western Japan where “The Cove” is set.

“We’ve put up with a lot of pressure against showing it -- but also there’s also been a lot of support,” said someone close to the deal at Medallion Media, “We’re still talking to the representatives of Taiji about it.”

“We’ve teamed up with Unplugged to market and distribute the film, as it has more experience than we do in those areas,” the person said. “As a Japanese person, I think it is important that the film gets seen.”

The film was shown in a special screening at last October’s Tokyo International Film Festival after initially not being selected, although organizers attempted to stop the media talking to
audience members after the film.

A spokesperson for Unplugged said the film had only been confirmed to be shown at one central Tokyo cinema before its Oscar win. The company will now be looking to show the documentary to a wider audience, although theaters are likely to come under pressure from opponents not to screen it.
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