Oscar Nominated 'How To Train Your Dragon' Co-Director Aims for an Injury-Free Arrival

Valerie Macon/Getty Images
Chris Sanders

The filmmaker revealed his past bloody Oscars attendance at DreamWorks Animation's eighth annual brunch celebration.

Chris Sanders, Academy Award nominated co-director of How To Train Your Dragon and co-director of the upcoming The Croods, says his Oscar goal is to arrive injury-free.

"I went to the Oscars once before and went mountain biking that morning," he explained. "I feel off the trail and went to the Oscars with a lot of Band-Aids on. You couldn't see them but I was actually bleeding. This year I'm not going to go mountain biking before the event so I don't show up with Band-Aids on my head -- that is my goal."

Sanders, along with Dragon co-director Dean DeBlois, composer John Powell, cinematographer Roger Deakins and DWA's Jeffrey Katzenberg were among those making the scene at DreamWorks Animation's eighth annual brunch celebration honoring animation and VFX nominees held at Campanile. Hawaiian shirts, the historic couture of choice for animators, were scarcely seen amongst the crowd, which also included Sid and Marty Krofft and Kung Fu Panda 2 writer Jonathan Aibel.

Sander related that he started at DWA to work on upcoming The Croods before switching to Dragon, which turned out to be an advantageous experience. "I learned what CG was capable of -- the lighting, the textures. I went back to Croods with a new vision of what we could do. We could make this world feel absolutely real. I didn't understand how real it could look until I did Dragon. That was a really beneficial thing to learn.

Noting a recent conversation with animation veteran Tom Sito, Sanders commented that the classic Snow White still "feels completely fresh.

That's a wonderful thing about animation, it has that potential to last forever. I love that."