Oscar Party Watch: Whirling Dervish Enchants Nastassja Kinski and 'Butterfly's Dream' Star Belcim Bilgin at Turkish Consulate

The Butterfly's Dream - H 2013
Courtesy of White Bear PR

The Butterfly's Dream - H 2013

The stars, writer-director and composer of the Oscar submission celebrate in Hancock Park.

Awaiting the performance of whirling dervish Ziya Azazi and clarinetist Serkan Cagri at the Nov. 23 party for Turkish Oscar submission The Butterfly's Dream at Hancock Park's Turkish Consulate, Nastassja Kinski hugged the film's star, Belcim Bilgin, wife of writer-director Yilmaz Erdogan, whose $15 million historic epic is the costliest in Turkish history and has sold 2.5 million tickets.

Bilgin plays the beauty vied for by two rival tubercular poets in 1941 in a fact-based story.

"Oh, it's great! I want to see it again, right away," Kinski, who'd seen it at AFI, told THR. Then she resumed whispering in Bilgin's ear for a while. Asked later what they whispered about, Bilgin grinned and said, "It's secret!"

The film's composer, Rahman Altin, whose Butterfly's Dream soundtrack hit No. 1 in Turkey, was more forthcoming. Altin was ebullient, partly because he had won the Public Choice Award at the World Soundtrack Awards in October at Film Fest Gent, an honor received by John Williams in 2001 and 2004.

"Growing up in Ankara, Turkey, I memorized the scores of Star Wars movies," Altin told THR. "And now I have done some work for Lucasfilm [Star Wars' Blu-ray campaign]. I'm the second-biggest collector of Star Wars memorabilia in the world -- the first biggest collector works at Lucasfilm and, I think, gets a discount."

Altin, whose Waiting for Heaven music won best score at the Ankara Film Festival in 2007, now lives in Los Angeles and Istanbul and composes music for films, TV promos (The Pacific), games (Monsters vs. Aliens), and about 100 jingles a year for major ad clients. "To be working in an industry along with people whose movies inspired me -- it's a dream come true," said Altin.