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In the quarter-century since Brian Grazer burst onto the scene with the hits "Night Shift" and "Splash," he has become one of Hollywood's most reliable producers. Grazer has been uniquely able to keep his finger on the pulse of the culture, taking such diverse material as last year's "American Gangster," 2002's "8 Mile" and 2001's "A Beautiful Mind" to boxoffice heights (and a best picture Oscar for the latter). Grazer's enduring partnership with director Ron Howard in Imagine Entertainment generated this year's"Frost/Nixon," and he also produced Clint Eastwood's "Changeling."

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With between 50 and 60 projects in development at a given time, Scott Rudin is arguably the most prolific producer in Hollywood. And that's just counting his film work. Rudin has remained fiercely loyal to the New York theater world while establishing a track record of quality movies as well as volume. On the heels of his best picture Oscar for last year's "No Country for Old Men," Rudin has returned with two major contenders, "Doubt" and "Revolutionary Road," both adaptations of literary works (John Patrick Shanley's play and Richard Yates' novel, respectively). He would have had a third contending film, but he took his name off "The Reader" after a dispute with distributor the Weinstein Co.

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