Oscar Winner Christian Bale Won't Drastically Lose Weight Again

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

He also playfully defects questions about Charlie Sheen's meltdown, and admits he missed Melissa Leo's speech because he was getting a drink with Dicky Eklund in the lobby.

Christian Bale dropped one-third of his body weight to play Dicky Eklund in The Fighter (and nearly 70 pounds for 2004's The Machinist), but says it's unlikely he'll drastically change his body again.

"I'm getting a little bit older now," Bale, 37, admitted to reporters backstage after winning best supporting actor for The Fighter. "I'm starting to recognize that if I do too much, there's no coming back from it. I don't have quite the mentality I did a few years back when I thought I was invincible. I've got a child now. I know too many of them. There's only so much a body can take."

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Bale said he always felt compelled to drop the weight because "I didn't really take acting classes, I didn't go to drama school or anything -- I always felt like I had to make up for it!"

Bale joked about missing Melissa Leo's f-bomb because he was out in the lobby grabbing a drink with Ecklund. (He also asked reporters if he thanked his co-stars when he accepted his speech, and when hearing he did, he added, "Oh good, a huge relief.")

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"They wouldn't let me in," he said. "My mistake. If I ever return to the Academy Awards…."

"I've laid down many of them myself before," he quipped, referring once again to his 2009 meltdown.

He was then asked about watching Charlie Sheen's recent breakdown, and he joked knowingly, "I've been in China. No clue! Seriously, the Internet is impossible. No idea!"

Where will he put his Oscar?

"My daughter will go, 'Thank you very much, I'll take that," and stand it wherever she wants," he said.
Bale will shave off his beard halfway through filming his current movie, Zhang Yimou’s Nanjing Heroes, he said. And then?

"When I finish the movie in China, it's straight on to Batman," he said.