Oscar-Winning Donald Duck Short About Nazi Germany Taken Off Russia's List of Extremist Material

Moscow Skyline - H - 2016

The 1942 cartoon 'Der Fuehrer's Face' was put on the list following a court case for "inciting hatred and enmity".

A Russian court has ruled that the 1942 Oscar-winning Walt Disney eight-minute cartoon Der Fuehrer's Face, featuring Donald Duck and portraying Nazi Germany under Adolph Hitler, be removed from the national list of extremist materials.

The court in the Far East region of Kamchatka revised a local court's ruling from six years ago, under which the animated short was deemed "extremist," with a local resident who uploaded it to the internet receiving a six-month suspended sentence back then for "inciting hatred and enmity," news agency Kamchatka-Inform reported.

The cartoon will be taken off the list, the court ruling, quoted by Kamchatka-Inform, said. The ruling called the short "Walt Disney Studios' classic animated film made as part of an anti-Hitler propaganda campaign." As the cartoon portrays Nazism in caricature form, it cannot be viewed as "extremist," the court highlighted.

Directed by Jack Kinney, Der Fuehrer's Face won an Oscar in the best short cartoon category in 1943. It focuses on Donald Duck having a nighmare about living and working in Nazi Germany.

The list of extremist materials has existed in Russia since 2002. It currently includes over 3,700 items.