Oscars: '12 Years a Slave' Dominates Twitter Conversation After Nominations

12 Years a Slave Night - H 2013
Fox Searchlight

12 Years a Slave Night - H 2013

"American Hustle" also benefits from a best picture nomination, showing a big boost in search engine queries.

12 Years a Slave not only earned multiple Oscar nominations and the top prize at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards this week, it also managed to dominate awards season chatter on Twitter.

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On Friday, 12 Years a Slave was the most-talked about of the best picture nominees on the social network, with a hashtag volume of 11,313, followed by American Hustle with a hashtag volume of 10,318, and Gravity (9,860). Dallas Buyers Club followed with a hashtag volume of 8,248, followed by Her (5,791), The Wolf of Wall Street (5,505), Nebraska (3,074), Captain Phillips (2,111) and Philomena (941).

ListenFirst, which aggregates and analyzes data streams across social networks, provided the data to The Hollywood Reporter. ListenFirst also calculated a "Digital Lift Index" for the films by looking at (among other things) the volume of search engine use and Google Alerts for the best picture nominees following their nominations.

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American Hustle topped ListenFirst's Digital Lift Index (94.8 out of 100), narrowly edging out The Wolf of Wall Street (94.3) and easily topping 12 Years a Slave (54.5) her (49.5) and Dallas Buyers Club (49.2). The rest of the best picture nominees follow: Gravity (27.6), Nebraska (24.9), Philomena (16.4) and Captain Phillips (15).

On Thursday, THR and ListenFirst examined the most popular best picture nominees on social media, finding Gravity was by far the most popular at the time of the nominations. Check out those rankings here.