Oscars 2012: Why Fashion Designers Are Waiting for the Presenters List

Michelle Williams Jessica Chastain Rooney Mara - H 2012
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Michelle Williams Jessica Chastain Rooney Mara - H 2012

Most of the Academy's best actress nominees don't fit designers' preferred profile of a fashion "It Girl."

The Oscar nominations are out. Glenn Close, Viola Davis,  Rooney Mara, Meryl Streep and Michelle Williams are in for Best Actress. And Berenice Bejo, Jessica Chastain,  Melissa McCarthy, Janet McTeer and Octavia Spencer received the five Best Supporting Actress spots.

There were no huge surprises -- except for Mara sliding in with her starring role in David Fincher's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Guess the drastic mohawk haircut, shaved eyebrows and multiple body piercings were worth it.

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But from the fashion world's point of view, this selection of ladies secretly means that there are only 4 fashion It Girls this year: Mara (27), Chastain (30), Bejo (35) and Williams (31). And by It Girls, we mean young (surprise, the fashion world is ageist), slender (they are also sizist) and pretty. Hey, we don't make the rules. We just know them by heart after 2 decades of covering Hollywood's red carpets. And yes, we agree that the rules are not fair.

All 4 of these nominees have been working with their personal stylists throughout the season and have probably already received gown offers up the ying yang and/or lined up a tailor-made couture gown. Jewelry and shoes are always last minute items, and it's far easier to get a million dollar necklace loaner than it is to get a couture dress made. And faster.

"The big designers are going to be anxiously awaiting the Oscar presenter list," whispers one fashion insider. "The past winners and presenters are going to be the real fashion show on the red carpet this year."