Oscars 2015: 5 "Make It Stop!" Moments

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John Travolta reached out and touched Idina Menzel, Lupita Nyong'o forgot the word "Oscar" and David Oyelowo wasn't impressed.

Sunday's Academy Awards telecast was full of touching, funny and memorable tidbits. But not everything went according to plan.

Here are five of the night's most cringe-worthy moments. 

1. John Travolta gets handsy

The actor basically takes the awkward-moment cake with his excessive face-touching of fellow presenter Idina Menzel

2. What's the award called again?

Lupita Nyong'o appeared to have a brief memory lapse when presenting the Oscar for best supporting actor. Just before reading "J.K. Simmons," she said, "And the Actor goes to," an apparent reference to the SAG Awards' trophy name.

3. Some painful introductions for awards presenters 

Host Neil Patrick Harris did an admirable job hosting the ceremony, but not each of his jokes was a homerun. For example, he was stuck delivering this groaner about Reese Witherspoon: "This nominee is so lovely, you could eat her up with her spoon."

4. David Oyelowo does not approve

Harris enlisted Oyelowo to participate in a bit about British accents, including a gag about "the last-ever attempt to remake Annie." The audience didn't appear to love the joke, and Oyelowo himself gave the "so-so" gesture with his hand, leading Harris to chide him for it.

5. Constant cutbacks to Octavia Spencer 

This Oscar-predictions bit ended up having a pretty solid payoff, as Harris mocked the various gaffes in the telecast. However, a few of the segments involving shout-outs to Spencer that led up to that ending started to feel a bit redundant, not to mention the sheer strangeness of Harris asking her: "Bladder full?"

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