Oscars 2015: Oprah's Lego Statue, Oyelowo's Tears, Neil Patrick Harris' Undies Highlight Best GIFs

The entire 2015 Oscars broadcast in bite-sized morsels.

The 87th Academy Awards got off to a wet start but it was chock-full of great expressions, powerful reactions and funny faces. Here's The Hollywood Reporter's list of the top 30 most GIF-able Oscars moments of 2015.

1) It's raining cats and dogs.

2) Benedict Cumberbatch says hello to his family back in England.

3) Michael Strahan is confused.

4) Patricia Arquette wants to chew on bark.

5) Robert Duvall is not amused.

6) Benedict Cumberbatch sneaking a little drink.

7) Oprah doesn't understand why she's getting picked on. Neither does Stedman.

8) Jack Black has had about enough.

9) Hello, Mark Ruffalo.

10) J.K. Simmons tells everyone to call their moms.

11) Neil Patrick Harris' opening number killed. Jack Black helped.

12) Julianne Moore can't keep it together.

13) Michael Keaton ... what?

14) Oprah wins a Lego Oscar!

15) Everything is awesome. Especially when Batman has a guitar.

16) Bravo, Channing Tatum. Bravo.

17) Not everyone's a fan of NPH's jokes. At least not Selma star David Oyelowo.

18) Photo ops everywhere!

19) NPH in his undies.

20) Meryl Streep's a little embarrassed.

21) Ethan Hawke loves it.

22) Patricia Arquette gets real about wage equality. Meryl agrees.

23) Emma Stone wins an Oscar, the Lego version.

24) Octavia Spencer sees all.

25) Nicole Kidman. Eyebrows on fleek.

26) Yes, Miles Teller. It is awesome.

27) Selma star David Oyelowo and producer Oprah get emotional during the Oscar win for best original song. Chris Pine too.

28) John Travolta gets hands-on with Idina Menzel.

29) Eddie Redmayne wins best actor. He can't believe it.

30) Julianne Moore wins best actress like a pro.