Oscars 2015: Did Ryan Seacrest Support #AskHerMore? Twitter Weighs In

Twitter users both complimented and criticized Ryan Seacrest's interviewing style as the #AskHerMore debate continues.

Ryan Seacrest was being carefully watched during his Oscar red-carpet interviews on Sunday as viewers commented on the kinds of questions he asked actresses. The #AskHerMore campaign — which urges reporters to ask women questions beyond "Who are you wearing?" — has been growing in popularity this award season.

At the start of the night, Seacrest made fashion take a backseat, barely asking anybody about their dresses. When he did ask the equivalent of "Who are you wearing?" he made sure to ask the question to both men and women equally. Gary Snegaroff, executive producer for E!'s red-carpet coverage, told THR ahead of the Oscars that Seacrest's prepared questions did not focus on fashion at all.

Many Twitter users commended Seacrest for his interviews, in particular his conversations with America Ferrera, Patricia Arquette, Laura Dern and Sienna Miller. He focused on the actresses' careers and personal interests, speaking with Arquette about her charity work and discussing whether the title of her film should have been Motherhood rather than Boyhood.

However, things took a Twitter turn for the worse for Seacrest with his interview questions for Felicity Jones, Dakota Johnson, Julianne Moore and Naomi Watts. The E! host was criticized for asking Jones whether Stephen Hawking flirted with her, Johnson about the Fifty Shades of Grey prop she took home, Moore about her "terrible dogs" and Watts about the ingredients in her breakfast frittata. Seacrest's critics accused him of being more comfortable interviewing men than women and asking men questions more specifically tied to their movie roles. 

Reportedly, when Seacrest prepares for the Oscars, he watches every movie that is nominated and also researches the past, present and future projects for all of the actors he plans on speaking with. He has hundreds of questions he practices with the help of flashcards.

Here's a look at the compliments and criticisms Seacrest received on Twitter: