Oscars 2015: Julie Andrews Embraces Lady Gaga After 'Sound of Music' Medley

Oscars 2015: Watch Lady Gaga Perform a Tribute to 'The Sound of Music' (Video)

Andrews gave Gaga a huge hug after her performance.

Lady Gaga hit all the right notes during her performance of the Sound of Music tribute at the 87th Annual Academy Awards — that is, she hit all the right notes to make Julie Andrews, the original Sound of Music voice, grab onto Gaga as if to never let go.

Andrews did eventually release the captured Gaga, after which the world's most famous singing nun pondered the passing of time. Andrews marveled that The Sound of Music is now 50 years old, though the intervening decades seem to have passed in mere moments.

Both the film and its star have stood up splendidly to the stacking years — and that makes Gaga's vocal tribute beautifully of the moment.

See Andrews' reaction below, and watch Gaga's performance above.