Oscars 2015: Meet the Brickmaster Who Made the Lego Statuettes

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Everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Emma Stone posed with Nathan Sawaya's creations.

Even if The Lego Movie didn't take home Oscar glory, everything was awesome for Lego designer Nathan Sawaya.

His Lego Oscar statuettes stole the show during the performance of "Everything Is Awesome," which saw everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Emma Stone posing with them.

The New York-based Lego certified pro says each statuette took about 500 bricks, which were glued together for stability. He was approached by the creators of The Lego Movie after seeing a statuette he previously built.

He says you too may be able to own a Lego Oscar statuette in the future.

"So many people have asked me about getting their own Lego Oscar that I submitted it to Lego Ideas so that everyone has the ability to get one," Sawaya told Crave. "Hopefully it will be approved in the next few days and we can all start supporting it."

He previously designed the statuette pictured in Lego Movie co-director Phil Lord's tweet in response to the film's snub in the best animated feature category, which Lord captioned with, "It's okay. Made my own!"

Sawaya was an attorney before giving it up to pursue his dreams of being a Lego artist and currently has exhibits in New York and Los Angeles. See more of his work at his website.

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He has also revealed a time-lapsed version of creating a statuette.