Oscars 2015: Losers' Reactions (Video)

Eddie Redmayne Oscars - H 2015
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Eddie Redmayne Oscars - H 2015

There could only be one winner... but how did the rest of the field handle the agony of defeat?

Sometimes it's not who wins the Oscar, but who loses the Oscar. And not so much who lost, but how they handled it. When their name isn't announced, most actors do what they do best: They act. You'd never know they were aching inside. But sometimes the mask drops and real emotions shows. Think Bill Murray losing to Sean Penn in 2004. Burt Reynolds losing to Robin Williams in 1998. Lauren Bacall's anger after Juliette Binoche won best supporting actress in 1997.
With that in mind, let's take a look at how the losers handled the news at tonight's Academy Awards.
Best supporting actor
JK Simmons was the front-runner heading into the evening. If you didn't know that, all you need to do is watch the video of his name being announced for best supporting actor. Simmons looks knowing, but humble. His fellow nominees fall somewhere between excited (Ethan Hawke, with the hand clap) to resigned (Edward Norton) to... is Robert Duvall aware it's his category?

Best supporting actress
Like Simmons, Patricia Arquette was presumed the winner. Like Simmons, she won. And like Simmons, all of Arquette's competitors were all smiles. In fact, all but Laura Dern seemed genuinely enthusiastic about Aquette's victory... and even she cracked a small smile and managed a hand-clap. So far, pure grace at the Oscars... What is up?


Best director
This was more of a toss-up, with Alejandro González Iñárritu and Richard Linklater running even. When Iñárritu's name was called, he looked more surprised than anyone looked upset. Linklater, a laid-back dude from Texas, smiled, gracefully. If anyone was upset, it didn't show, meaning that actors aren't the only ones who can act.

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Best actress
The world knew this was Julianne Moore's year, and from the looks on the faces of her challengers, they were just happy to be nominated and share the moment. When Moore's name was announced for her first win in four Oscar tries, the other four women flashed their most genuine smiles. No trace of bitterness for one of America's greatest actresses. It was her moment (she was even framed center screen) and nobody was going to take it away from her. Lovely moment.

Best actor
In terms of close races, this was the main event. Michael Keaton vs. Eddie Redmayne. Let's all give Keaton some credit. Yeah, he bites down a tad, like a toddler kicked him in shin, but he's pretty composed. Redmayne, meanwhile, jumps out of frame, like someone pressed the seat ejector button. Overall, though... we're starting to believe all of the nominees practiced losing in the mirror. Everyone was so darn nice!