Oscars Grooming: Old Hollywood Side Parts Are a Thing Again

Mens Side Parts - Split

Mens Side Parts - Split

From Ethan Hawke to Miles Teller, the guys are going for the classic 'do.

"I knew the side part would be trending, I’ve seen it coming along the way," says Ethan Hawke's groomer Lauren Kaye Cohen of the hairstyle she calls "a little Old Hollywood" that was worn by not only her client but at least half a dozen other leading men at Sunday’s Academy Awards.

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It seems the vintage-inspired deep side part isn’t just a female awards-season trend. Men of all ages sported the classic ‘do, including Miles Teller, Chris Pratt, Channing Tatum and Adam Levine. Fellow nominees Benedict Cumberbatch and Steve Carrell, too, went with the look though with two different takes—the former was clean-shaven, while Carrell also wore a short salt-and-pepper beard.  

Cohen made the specific decision to give Hawke’s hair a bit of texture on the top, thus she used Oribe Dry Texture Spray to add some volume to the top longer parts, then applied Oribe Rough Luxury Soft paste to smooth down the sides as tightly as she could to the sides of his head. "I combed his hair downward, and then the top over and to the side before finishing with Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray." 

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The hairstyle is "not very hard," says Cohen, but looks polished, cleaned up and put together. "You can keep it slick and smooth like Channing Tatum, sculpted like Benedict Cumberbatch or add texture like we did for Ethan because that’s his style," she says. "Some people did it up and back, while we did the sides straight down and top to the side—we put our own twist on things to make sure he didn’t look like everybody else."