Patricia Arquette Blasts "Silly Mani-Cam": I'd Rather Work on My Charity

"I was supposed to get a manicure this morning but instead I was working on launching this Chideo site."

Ryan Seacrest — who has been avoiding asking any fashion questions thus far — asked Patricia Arquette to talk about her GiveLove charity during her Oscars red-carpet interview. 

Arquette referenced the drama that has been surrounding E!'s mani-cam, which is not present at this year's Oscars.

"It's pretty funny, there's this silly mani-cam business going on and I was supposed to get a manicure this morning," said Arquette. "But instead I was working on launching this Chideo site for an experience where you can enter a sweepstakes and go with me on a global mission with one of our projects with, where we do ecological sanitation work in the neediest communities around the world."

This year's Oscars has been marked by an #AskHerMore campaign pushing red-carpet reporters to ask actresses in-depth questions not necessarily focused on fashion. At the Screen Actors Guild Awards this year Julianne Moore, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston all refused to use E!'s mani-cam as part of what some people are calling a "red-carpet revolution."

Here's a look at Arquette's Chideo she was talking about:

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