Oscars 2015: Ryan Seacrest Criticized for Asking Naomi Watts About Her Frittata

Watts gives out her frittata recipe on the Oscars red carpet.

In the wake of the #AskHerMore campaign, Ryan Seacrest's questions have been under the microscope today on the Oscars red carpet. Fans were particularly upset when he asked Oscar nominee Naomi Watts about the frittata she made for breakfast.

Watts' brother, Ben Watts, had posted a photo of Naomi with her breakfast, and Seacrest had the actress elaborate on it during his interview. He asked her about the frittata and the designer of her dress, prompting a lot of backlash on Twitter.


Oscars count down #Naomiwatts #fritatta game is tight .... Look out for it on the #redcarpet today #shhhhh

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