Gucci's Alessandro Michele Accompanied Jared Leto to the Oscars

Alessandro Michele, Jared Leto GETTY - H 2016
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

He may or may not be Leto's Italian twin.

Jared Leto's date for Sunday evening's Oscars was not a movie star, but rather a fashion star: Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele.

The pair — outfitted in Gucci, of course — arrived at the red carpet at the Dolby Theatre looking fresh in black ensembles with floral embellishments; Leto's in the form of a flower tie and Michele's in the form of bright embroidery on the back of his jacket. 

Leto has always been a style risk-taker, so it's no surprise that he's befriended fashion's man-of-the-moment. Plus, they both have incredible beards. A match made in heaven. 


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