Oscars: Jimmy Kimmel Gets a Pep Talk From Morgan Freeman in New Commercial

Freeman refers to Kimmel as a "man on the precipice of hosting the Oscars" before the ad takes an intimidating turn.

A new Oscars ad features host Jimmy Kimmel getting ready in front of a mirror as Morgan Freeman narrates, calling him a "man on the precipice of hosting the Oscars."

Freeman continues, saying the hosting gig will either be "an opportunity to be the toast of the town" or a "chance to bomb so fantastically, everywhere he goes people would say, 'Look at sucky sucko — he had his shot, and man, did he blow it in front of billions.'"

Kimmel's eyebrows furrow, and he tells Freeman, who is standing right next to him, that his words aren't exactly encouraging.

"Well, fine," replies the actor. "Do your own damn pep talk."

The Oscars will be telecast live on Feb. 26 on ABC.